Accident & Emergency Care

The Department of Accident and Emergency Care at RKM Hospitals treats everything from life-threatening crises like heart attacks and strokes to the likes of cuts and fractures with the same care. Available 24×7, ED treats infants, children, adolescents and adults in the need of all kinds of a medical emergency.
The emergency department at RKM Hospitals has a team of multidisciplinary doctors, nurses trained in critical care and emergency, and specialists who are available around the clock. Once the patient is admitted, a triage of nurses examine and allot to a zone depending on the severity of the condition. Patients with life-threatening and time-critical conditions.
Without any delay where a team of expert doctors and nurses immediately assess and start interventions to stabilize the patient. Using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, RKM Hospitals is quickly able to scan the body for internal injuries and start the right course of treatment for better care and recovery.

General Surgery

The Department of General Surgery at RKM Hospitals equips highly skilled surgeons with state of the art facilities to ensure a high surgical success rate.
The surgical teams at RKM Hospitals treat several patients every year with a multidisciplinary approach. The skill and technology available on the team give patients the best treatment options to choose from. The department of general surgery works with other specialists like anesthesiologists, radiologists, cardiologists etc. to provide comprehensive surgical care with a multi-disciplinary approach.

Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine specialty offers comprehensive primary care services in an outpatient setting along with providing complete care to hospitalized patients suffering from a broad range of ailments.
The department is well equipped with the latest technologies to manage acute and chronic health conditions such as diabetes and coronary disease acute illness like respiratory tract infections, and joint pains.
The Department of Internal medicine doctors focuses on delivering multidisciplinary care to patients of all ages. The team also provides health education and expert counselling to the patients and their attendants in order to facilitate a speedy recovery.

Paediatric and Neonatology

The Department of Paediatrics and neonatologists at RKM Hospitals is a comprehensive clinical department that provides investigative, treatment and emergency services for a whole range of paediatrics and neonatology conditions. It includes all medical, surgical therapeutic and diagnostic and preventive healthcare ensuring an optimal management of your child. Paediatric department has well equipped NICU & PICU with round the clock Paediatrician available for 24hrs NICU. RKM is well equipped with all types of neonatal and Paediatric emergencies. Our care continues beyond delivering the bundle of joy.

RKM Hospitals’ Paediatric and neonatology care is one of the best in the city, delivered by a team of experts across paediatric neonatology, Paediatric cardiology, paediatric rheumatology, paediatric gastroenterology, paediatric orthopaedics and developmental Paediatrics.

Obstetrics and Gynaecology

As a leading provider of healthcare services for women, at RKM Hospitals we offer experienced and respected Obstetrics and Gynecology (O&G) specialists as well we have trained doctors to treat various other women-related disorders including common cancer conditions breast, cervical to hormonal treatments, and even osteoporosis.
Women’s health is one of the most important parameters which reflect the standard of the health care system of a society. Health is a complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity.
Our centers in RKM Hospitals, offer an entire gamut of services that a woman might require throughout her life. Our Centre for Mother and Child, offers services from conception, through to pre-pregnancy care and world-class specialists to help you deliver your child. Our world-class NICUs and PICUs along with specially trained pediatricians help you with your growing child’s needs.


Orthopaedics is not just about the bones in your body. It is a line of treatment and surgery involving the musculoskeletal system, including degenerative conditions, trauma, sports injury, tumors, and congenital issues. At Manipal Hospitals our robust team of orthopaedicians and orthopaedic surgeons are geared to tackle the toughest of bone and spine-related disorders and conditions with the right approach to get you back on your feet in the shortest time.

Why RKM Hospitals?

At the Centre of Excellence in Orthopaedics right from a fracture to a debilitating spinal injury, all bone-related conditions are treated delicately. Ultra-modern facilities and technology is put to the best possible use in treating the spectrum of orthopaedic conditions and our skilled orthopaedicians ensure you are up and mobile as soon as before.


The Department of Ophthalmology at RKM Hospitals provides patients with access to expert diagnostics and care that includes interventional procedures and surgery.
RKM Hospital is the Best Eye Care Hospital and the team of skilled ophthalmologists are responsible for the successful diagnosis and treatment of several thousands of patients. The multi-disciplinary team at the Department of Ophthalmology ensures that patients have access to a wide spectrum of solutions and the right advice to enable them to make the best decisions. The team works with specialists across disciplines to ensure procedures are conducted safely and effectively

Neonatology & NICU

RKM Hospitals Department of Neonatology runs state of the art Newborn Intensive Care Units (NICU) for the care of neonatal babies that have fallen sick or have been born pre-maturely.
At RKM Hospitals, each NICU is run by expert neonatologists who are assisted by a team of respiratory therapists, neonatal nursing experts and resident physicians. The combined expertise of the team and the advanced healthcare equipment in the NICU is crucial when it comes to ensuring the survival of newborns that are facing complications in their infancy.

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